Hi Everyone,

It has been WAY too long. This PhD thing gives me zero time for blogging. I have decided, however, that I NEED to make time for this space....so I am back.

Thing are generally going very well. I am in my last semester of course work, I get to start writing my dissertation in the spring. On the ED front, things are going okay. I made a decision to go back to therapy. I am seeing a psychoanalyst and I LOVE IT!! Where has this therapy been all my life. The options are so much greater now that I am living in a big city. My therapist, L, looks like a mystic. Very small, mid-50s, lots of wild gray hair and chunky jewellery. I think we are going to be able to have a good relationship.

She is very into breathing and letting whatever I am feeling float to the surface. Turns out I have all kinds of stuff going on underneath my surface. Stuff about my parents expecting me to be perfect, my need to have everyone like me, and my anxiety issues all come out in the first meeting. I am not sure how this will help with the bulimia as we don't actually talk about the bulimia very much, but if she can get me to breath and relax then maybe this will work. I will keep you posted on my progress.
Not much else going on here, I am on break this week so have had the chance to read from home and do a little writing. Thinking of you all.

Hey Everyone- quick update. I got my ECG back and it was fine. I have something called a partial/imcomplete right br@nch bund1e bl0ck which my Dr. says in my case is totally benign and unrelated to my Bulimia. She even said that this often shows up in error on ECGs due to the palcement of the little sticky things- THANK THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So there is good news- all my blood levels are normal expect my ridiculously low iron-which is easy to fix. I am taking supplements and changing up my diet. No word back yet on the ECG-which means one of two things it is fine or it isn't back yet. Either way I am going back to see the Dr. in two weeks. I am VERY proud of myself for doing this scary ass thing. I am happy my K levels are good.